Health & Safety Climate Surveys
Health & Safety Climate Surveys take a ‘snap-shot’ of the internal workings of an organisation to assist clients better understand how to address their Health and Safety needs. Surveys enable organisations to go directly to their workforce and ask them about their experiences, concerns and suggestions for improvement. Safesmart Solutions can facilitate this process to ensure that the best interests of employees, management and the organisation are met.

Our professional consultants will work with key stakeholders to develop, conduct and analyse the survey results to ensure practical recommendations are identified to further enhance your business.

Safesmart Solutions can develop an on-line or paper-based survey tool, which can be easily tailored to your organisation needs. Information can also be gathered via one-on-one interviews, focus groups or in any combination listed above. Safesmart Solutions believes that tailoring the survey tool to ensure ease of access to your entire workforce is the best way to maximise results and drive Health & Safety improvement.

Climate Surveys can assist in identifying employee satisfaction and opportunities for improvement in areas such as:
• Training & instruction
• Supervision & management
• Consultation & communication processes
• Hazard identification & reporting procedures
• Existing documentation
• Plant & equipment safety
• The effectiveness of systems of work
• Workplace accountability
• Level of employee support
• The effectiveness of Health & Safety initiatives
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