Injury Management & Return to Work Plans
Injury Management – When a worker is injured it is essential to understand what to do and how to ensure their prompt, safe and permanent return-to-work. The Injury Management Process includes the immediate treatment of the injury, rehabilitation back into work, retraining of the injured worker into a new skill or new job and management of the workerís compensation claim.

Everyone involved in the rehabilitation of an injured worker is required to cooperate and participate in the injury management process, including the insurance company, employer, injured worker, treating doctor and all treating practitioners.

Safesmart Solutions can work with your business to ensure key stakeholders understand the injury management process and their responsibility to ensure the effective rehabilitation of any injured worker.

Return To Work Plans - In most cases an injured worker can remain at, or return to work (RTW), with medical support. When this does not happen, early and appropriate intervention must be implemented to maximise a Return to Work outcome.

Safesmart Solutions can work with your injury management team to ensure the best outcome for an injured worker, and your business is achieved. Developing a comprehensive Return to Work Plan will ensure that the injured worker returns to work as soon as possible, preferably in their pre-injury role.

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