Accident & Incident Investigation
Accidents and incidents in the workplace are an unfortunate result of something going wrong. The reporting and investigation of workplace accidents and incidents is a vital part of Health & Safety management and improvement.

Safesmart Solutions can assist your business to identify the ‘root cause’ of any accident or incident and develop a list of actions and subsequent recommendations required to ensure that this type of event does not happen again.

Safesmart Solutions can also assist in representing your business when the relevant state Health & Safety regulator (Worksafe/Workcover) visits your workplace.

Safesmart Solutions incident investigators will ensure the following:
• The appropriate agencies have been notified and forms completed (Worksafe / Workcover, EPA)
• The scene is secured
• That your legal and ethical obligations as an employer are met
• Gather relevant information including training documents, licences, Health & Safety reports etc...
• Analysis of the incident
• Interview key stakeholders
• Identify the ‘Root Cause/s’
• Determine Corrective Actions & Recommendations
• Develop a comprehensive Accident/Incident Report
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